“What I liked in anthropology was its inexhaustible faculty of negation, it’s relentless definition of man, as though he were no better than God, in terms of what he is not.”    - S. Beckett Anthropology exists in a cloud of knowledge and non-knowledge.

YEAR: 2021
RUNTIME: 19:30

Voice (#5): Sharday Mosurinjohn
Performers (#7):  Mylene Hangdaan, Nevin Lochhead
Music (#2):  The 5th C: IV, Gavin Bryars
Music (#5):  Gabriel Gutierrez Arellano, Three Semblances (performed by Duo Parnas)
Music (#6):   Jonny Greenwood, Proven Lands; Sophia Gubaidulina, Seven Words
Cinematography, camera (#4a, #5):  Ryan Randall
Sound Mix:  Matt Rogalsky
Thanks:  Mama Mono, Mama Triza, Martin Foya