Unknowable Dogs

Mapping the Rockumentary: Images of Sound and Fury, ed. Gunnar Iverson, Scott MacKenzie; Edinburgh University Press, 2021.

Laurie Anderson’s film Heart of a Dog is used as an occasion to reflect on how we represent our relation to animals and death.

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Froth and its Uses

The Perils of Pedagogy: The Works of John Greyson, ed. Brenda Longfellow, Scott MacKenzie, Thomas Waugh; McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2013.

John Greyson’s film Fig Trees is used as an occasion to reflect on the perennial question concerning art’s relation to politics.

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Ass Bowl Comedy: Nonsense and Experimental Film

Grammar & Not-Grammar: Selected Scripts and Essays by Gary Kibbins, ed. Andrew J. Paterson, YYZ Press, 2005.

Explores the role of nonsense in films like Joyce Wieland’s Sailboat and Hollis Frampton’s Zorns Lemma, arguing for both its rigor and its critical component.

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Bear Assumptions: Notes On Experimentalism

Public 23, 2002

Evolving concepts linked to experimental media practices are assessed in light of pluralism, self-reflexivity, theory, science, Deleuze, and Meinong.

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